Ukraine to pay about $ 1,7 million to UN budget for 2020

$ 17,5 million from the UN budget will be used to investigate serious crimes in Syria

Ukraine will pay about $ 1,7 million to the United Nations budget for 2020. This was announced by the speaker of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN Oleg Nikolenko on his Facebook page.
  “The General Assembly approved the UN regular budget. In 2020, it will amount to $ 3,1 billion … Ukraine will pay about $ 1,7 million,” Nikolenko said.
  According to him, for the first time the budget was adopted not for two years, but for one.

“It is very important that $ 17,5 million will be directed to the work of the international mechanism for investigating serious crimes in Syria. The coordination of this expenditure item was extremely difficult. It is not difficult to guess which country tried to block this money first in the relevant committee, and then in General Assembly. Despite this, next year ordinary Syrians will have more chances for justice,” he added.  

According to Nikolenko, the UN budget will be replenished by contributions from Member States in accordance with the approved scale. The due date is January 31. The largest share in carried by the USA – 22%.

The UN was founded on October 24, 1945 at a conference in San Francisco under the Charter of the United Nations. The declared goal of the organization is to maintain and strengthen peace and international security, the development of cooperation between the states of the world.

51 states are among is founding members. As of 1998, the UN had 185 member states. Since July 14, 2011 – already 193 member states.

The organization is funded by compulsory and voluntary contributions from its member states.

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  • That’s money that might as well be thrown down the toilet, just what exactly have the UN done for Ukraine?

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    • англійський масон

      Well the investigation will turn up names and perhaps photos of Ivans that have broken the Law or rules of engagement. Of course moscow will deny everything as usual, etc. etc. and nothing will happen, nothing will be gained.

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