“Visited Crimea and supported Putin” – Russian jazzmans concert in Boston canceled

The Boston jazz club RegattaBar canceled the performance of the Russian jazz quintet of Igor Butman, scheduled for February 12, due to the musician’s support for policies of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and aggression against Ukraine.

Activist Dmitry Smelyansky informed about the incident, as cited by Radio Liberty.

Thus, the concert disappeared from the calendar of the jazz venue after the local Cambridge Day newspaper published a letter from the Arts Against Aggression Group.

The letter contained information on Butman’s political activities: in particular, that he was a member of the United Russia’s Supreme Council, participated in the re-election campaign of Putin, supported aggression against Ukraine, and violated the recommendations of the US Department of State not to participate in the Koktebel Jazz Party in annexed Crimea.

On the official website of Butman, the Boston concert is still listed as scheduled, but it is no longer indicated on the club’s website.

Butman is a citizen of Russia and the USA. The trips of American citizens to the territory of Crimea annexed by Russia violate the sanctions regime imposed on Moscow for aggression against Ukraine and the annexation of the Ukrainian territory.

The letter of the Arts Against Aggression Group stated that jazz, which for about a century has been a symbol of peace and freedom, should not be used to whitewash the repressive of regime, justifying annexations and wars.

In late January – the first half of February, Butman scheduled concerts in clubs in several American cities, including New York, Baltimore and Miami. Activists of Arts Against Aggression Group are negotiating with the owners of the venues to prevent the musician from performing. Earlier, Arts Against Aggression succeeded in canceling the showing of the Russian film about the Second World War “T-34” in one of the cinemas in Boston.

Earlier, the concert of the Ukrainian band Vremya I Steklo (“Time and Glass”) in Lviv, which was scheduled for December 5, was canceled. Lviv activists demanded that the performers record a video in which they recognize Russia as the aggressor, and Crimea as Ukrainian territory, and since there was no such statement from the representatives of the band, a decision was made to cancel the concert.

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  • Excellent, if countries adopt a similar attitude, the message might get across. Russian trash are not welcome in civilised countries.

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  • Right on. But then we must address the issue of the hundreds of brand name international artists who have continued to perform and make big money in Russia. Even Lenny Kravitz, who has Ukraine antecedents, has continued to perform there. Indeed, like many artists, he does a few shows in Kyiv and then crosses over to tour Russia. The Ukraine govt should not allow this. Then there is the case of that severe narcissist and putler jackboot licker: Roger Waters, who devotes much of his interviews a) to excoriating Israel, (which is a democracy where millions of Arabs choose to live because they get more money and more freedom btw), refusing to perform there and then repeatedly informing his interviewers that putler is a great man whom he admires tremendously. Of course he has no problem performing in putlerstan, because he’s a cunt.

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