U.S. Embassy condemns railway traffic at Kerch Bridge

17:01, 26 December 2019

The Embassy noted that Russia’s latest move demonstrates blatant disrespect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The U.S. Embassy to Ukraine condemned the launch of the railway traffic between Russia and annexed Crimea through the bridge over Kerch Strait as the diplomatic mission of America reported on Twitter.

“We join Ukrainian and other European partners in condemning Russia’s launch of train service between Russia and Crimea. Russia’s latest move demonstrates blatant disrespect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

As we reported, the occupants finished building of the railway part of the Crimean Bridge. On December 23, the first train passed through Crimean Bridge, which followed from St. Petersburg to Sevastopol.

Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Linas Linkevičius called the opening of the Kerch Bridge railway connection a violation of international law. Besides, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu also condemned the launch of the trains.

UNGA noted that the Assembly’s resolutions against the construction of the bridge and considered it a flagrant violation of the Organization’s Charter.

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  • A blatant disregard for international law, an extension of the fascist policy and even masquerading the trains as privately owned in an attempt to skirt sanctions. Talk about provocations, Ukraine has every right to destroy that bridge.

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  • англійський масон

    Oh well everything is alright then, condemn the invasion, condemn the occupation, condemn the deportations, condemn the imprisonment, condemn the bridge building, condemn the obstruction to navigation, condemn the attack and seizure of another country’s vessels and imprisonment of its citizens and now the most crushing blow of all, condemning the Railway.

    The vatnikis are quaking in their boots. Probably stolen boots.

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  • англійський масон

    On the other hand, the bridge will be needed when Ukraine invades and occupies the area from Luhansk Eastwards through Volgograd to the Kazakhstan border and down to the Georgian border to meet up with Civilisation there.

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    • Agreed. We should revert back to the old border by taking back Georgian territory stolen from them and likewise with the Rostov region and Ukraine. Cut them off completely from the Azov and Black seas and justice will begin to emerge.

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      • англійський масон

        Yes sorry Red, I should have said reclaim, not invade and occupy.

        As you say, cut them off from Black and Azov, but also from the Caspian and its stock of Caviar.

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        • No, no. I know exactly what you meant, I was just adding on to it! ruSSkis like to “reunify” based on their maps and their point in history. Even now, all these years after WWII and the break up of the CCCP. Why not back to that time we pointed out? :))

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  • Ukraine don’t need condemnations, or the varying levels of “concern” from countries that supposedly support Ukraine. How about some crippling sanctions, or asset freezes of Putin and his gang

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    • англійський масон

      Damn right, thats the only thing they will understand, being fucked.

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    • There may be a new way to get those crippling sanctions via the U.S. DOD. They have new technology that is supposed to be a cyber offsensive that can collect tons of info if they get involved in the 2020 elections. The DOD won’t need permission either since that is already covered by legislation.

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      • Yeah, but why advertise it? Just go out and do it. Give the Moskali a massive headache.

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        • I think it’s happening, Sir Foccusser. Normally the DOD is very quiet about such things. This statement simply rubs their faces in it since there isn’t sweet FA they can do about it. And it is a language the Moskali understand. It’s like saying, “One more step and I will show you the point of my sword.”

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  • Cyber Command is a coiled snake , ready to strike . Moscow is aware of this . Thus the recent efforts to isolate Russian internet.
    Unfortunately for them , this will be futile.

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    • And the best part, it’s offensive. Not if, but when they try something, it looks like we will know who, what, when, why and also get their IP addresses and bank accounts. Possibly even worms that should keep them busy for a long time.

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  • The weapons might already be in place. Something like delayed fuses
    on bombs that were placed months or maybe even years ago.

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  • The day will come when this bridge will find its place in history … following others that failed and dropped into the depths. And, maybe this day won’t be so very long away.

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    • I hope they’re right about the bridge being short-lived but the main reason Hitler 2.0 built it was for politics and to try to reinforce the myth that Crimea is Moskali. Where is the irrigation? Where is the energy infrastructure? Where is the food? Where are the tourists? Where is the maintenance? The only thing they’re building is prisons. It’s nothing but an expensive military base.


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