Russian trains to occupied Crimea disguised as private company to avoid sanctions

Trains that illegally cross the Kerch Bridge between St. Petersburg/Moscow and Sevastopol/Simferopol hide their belonging to the state Russian Railways in order to avoid sanctions. This was reported by Radio Liberty, the correspondent of which was one of the first to travel by rail to the occupied Crimea across the bridge.

The Tavria operator – this is the name of the trains that will run between St. Petersburg and Sevastopol and between Moscow and Simferopol”, – the media reported, noting that they allegedly belong to some private company, Grand Express, and not the state Russian Railways.

This was done, “obviously, for the same reason that the Russian MTS is called Volna in the Crimea, and instead of Sberbank, everyone uses the RNKB-bank, unknown on the mainland”, – the correspondent of Svoboda notes.

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  1. I laugh at the Ruskies over this (and many other things too). This is another piece of evidence that sanctions “don’t” work!

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