Moscow Will Talk Retaliatory Action Against British Media

Russia will take retaliatory measures against British media operating on Russian territory over what it regards as unfriendly action taken by British authorities against its own journalists, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday.

The state-run TASS and RIA news agencies cited what they said was a senior but unnamed source in Moscow who said Russia would respond in kind “in the near future” to what the source said were decisions by the British authorities not to issue a visa to one Russian reporter and to force another to leave London.

The same source accused Britain of helping orchestrate problems experienced by Russian media in Estonia.

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. “Russia will take retaliatory measures against British media operating on Russian territory over what it regards as unfriendly action taken by British authorities against its own journalists”

    Correction, Russia only has Kremlin agents masquerading as journalists. The UK should ban the whole lot of them. OK Russia would respond by banning the BBC, but I doubt the BBC in Russia would publish anything derogatory against Russia anyway. So no big loss.

    • There needs to be a distinction so that the Moskali can understand it. Perhaps they would understand if the British told them that State-run or State-funded was unacceptable. It is, at least, incompatible, because it’s not possible to have State-run media AND freedom of speech. The conflict is inevitable.

      • Seasons greetings Redders!
        Press TV, Iran’s anti-semitic conspiracy theorist hate and lies sewer channel, was rightly banned in the UK. Rtroll is worse, yet still survives, as does sputnik; which is expanding: it even opened an office in Scotland; a putler target.
        I hope that Boris will ban this shitshow. Britain and America have some of the most free media in the world, which is why they are leaders in democracy. However, there is no room for putinazi shit in either of these countries in my view.

        • Season’s greetings to you too Sir Scragde! I hope everything is perfect for you and yours.
          I agree and I think it has become necessary for Western leaders to spotlight the differences of free speech and propaganda (ie DIS-information). Until that happens, as I mentioned before, the “reports” should be accompanied with a consumer warning.

          • Yes indeed Redders! I have another wish for 2020. Miracles don’t usually happen, but you never know! I would like Boris to go after Abramovich’s London property, cash and business assets, including CFC.
            This bastard is a big part of putler’s success story yet has never been sanctioned. Did you know that in 1996 at the age of 30, he had become so close to Yeltsin, that he
            had moved into an apartment inside the Kremlin at the invitation of the Yeltsin family?
            From wiki: ‘Abramovich was the first person to originally recommend to Yeltsin that Vladimir Putin be his successor as the Russian president. When Putin formed his first cabinet as Prime Minister in 1999, Abramovich interviewed each of the candidates for cabinet positions before they were approved. Subsequently, Abramovich would remain one of Putin’s closest confidants. In 2007, Putin consulted in meetings with Abramovich on the question of who should be his successor as president; Medvedev was personally recommended by Abramovich.’
            This fucking evil arsehole has been close to the little shitweasel ever since, yet has never been even remotely inconvenienced.

  2. Hideous! But a good example of how the far left works in Britain. The Corbynista faction wants a ‘united’ Ireland, which would result in a terror state run by Sin Fein/IRA. It also wants open borders: the more immigrants from primitive, backward savage regimes , the better for them, since it leads to more clients for the socialist welfare state.

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