Defense Ministry signs contract for delivery of second batch of U.S. Javelin

Defense Ministry signs contract for delivery of second batch of U.S. Javelin

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine has signed contracts for delivery of the second batch of the U.S. Javelin anti-tank missile systems (ATMS), the ministry reported on its official website.

“During the fourth quarter, due to the concentration of resources of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, it became possible to conclude contracts for the supply of the second batch of U.S.-made Javelin anti-tank missile systems,” said Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Petrenko during a briefing on the state border order and defense procurements for the needs of the Ukrainian army on Thursday.

The deputy minister reported that in 2019 Defense Ministry fulfilled three contracts. “Two contracts with the US government for the foreign military sales program, as well as one contract with the NATO Support and Supply Agency. This allows us to use all the resources that exist on the arms market: state national, non-state national, as well as foreign manufacturers and suppliers,” he said.

Petrenko reported that the defense authority also orders similar missile systems of the Ukrainian manufacturer

In turn, the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States notes that this is “the first large-scale contract for direct intergovernmental defense purchases of weapons between Ukraine and the United States.”

“For Ukraine, this is a huge step forward, which was preceded by dropping the old system that forbade the Defense Ministry of Ukraine to directly buy weapons and equipment from foreign countries. Now these changes will expand our capabilities to strengthen the state’s military-technical and defense potential. We are grateful to the American partners who helped such changes in the reform of the national security sector and provided an opportunity to once again strengthen the defensive positions of Ukraine. Ukraine becomes a reliable partner in the acquisition of high-tech U.S. defense products,” the embassy reported on Facebook.

The embassy also reported that Ukraine has signed a contract to purchase a Javelin ATMS party with the United States through procurement carried out directly by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense under the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.



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