“Very big risk”: Russia may fail to fulfill gas transit promises, Naftogaz admits

The Ukrainian energy company relies on the support of European partners and political support on the part of Ukraine leadership.

Naftogaz has admitted there is a risk of Russia ceasing gas transit via Ukraine despite promises made, while Ukraine would have already dropped new claims against Russian Gazprom in international arbitrations, that’s according to Naftogaz Executive Director Yuriy Vitrenko.

“If we withdraw new claims, which we must do it if transit remains in place, and then there’s no transit as it could turn out that there was no sense in dropping our claims – there’s is a very big risk in this regard,” the official told Hromadske.

Vitrenko emphasized that this is why Ukraine was working on a “system of agreements that minimize or completely eliminate this risk.”

“This is a complicated matter, and therefore there is a risk that even the agreements that have been reached will not be implemented. I hope that constructive work, diligent work at all directions will make sure this won’t happen,” said the Naftogaz executive director.

He added that Naftogaz relies on the support of European partners and political support on the part of Ukrainian leadership.

“That’s in order to nevertheless have some pressure being put on the Russian side, so that they really diligently work out these documents and have them signed as early as this week and the protocol – put into effect, rather than leaving it on paper only,” concluded Vitrenko.

As reported earlier, Ukraine and Russia managed to agree to extend the transit of Russian gas via the Ukrainian territory after the end of 2019.

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  • I assume Ukraine would have some clause in place in this contract, which stipulates if Russia renege on this contract, then the contract is declared null and void, along with Ukraine dropping any claims against Gazprom.

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