Ukrainian construction industry continues growing

Ukrainian construction industry continues growing

24.12.2019 14:04In January-November, 2019, the construction industry of Ukraine grew by 21.3%.

President of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze wrote this on his Facebook page.

“The construction industry continues to show steady growth. Over the eleven months, the growth made up 21.3%. These are good results and we hope that at least there will be no decline at the year-end,” he wrote.

The index of construction made up 121.3% compared with the previous year. The index of construction of buildings reached 116.8% (residential buildings – 102%, non-residential buildings – 130.5%). The index of engineering facilities made up 125.5%.

Construction works were carried out for a total sum of UAH 150.1 billion.

New construction, reconstruction, and technical re-equipment made up 75.2% of the total volume of completed construction works, major and current repairs – 16.9% and 7.9%, respectively.

The leaders in performance of construction works were Dnipropetrovsk region (UAH 16.8 billion), Odesa region (UAH 14.2 billion), Kharkiv region (UAH 12.9 billion) and the city of Kyiv (UAH 35.5 billion).



  1. This is good, bu even better would be the creation of housing that every citizen can afford, including the replacement of the old Soviet apartment blocks that are always cold. The correct materials being used with modern construction methods and superior insulation is vital for the future.

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