Russian PM names condition for lifting Russian sanctions against Ukraine

Russia remains the major trading partner for Ukraine, Medvedev says. REUTERS


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said Russia is ready to consider lifting sanctions against Ukraine if there is a corresponding initiative from Kyiv.

“We always told them [Kyiv]: ‘We are ready to consider the sanctions issue bilaterally, but an initiative on their part is required to this end, because that was them who introduced [sanctions] initially,” he said, as reported by Russia’s Interfax news outlet on December 23.

Medvedev added that Russia “still remains the largest market and major trading partner for Ukraine, no matter what.” Answering journalists’ questions, Medvedev noted that contacts at the level of the two countries’ heads of government had not yet been outlined.

However, Medvedev mentioned his previous communication with Arseniy Yatsenyuk when the latter was Ukraine’s prime minister.

According to the Russian official, he had no contact with former Ukrainian head of government Volodymyr Groysman.

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  1. vatnikistan seems to view Ukraine as a naughty child, to be rewarded when it does something that pleases the ‘parent’.

    They don’t seem to realise that as vatnikistan needs Ukraine more than Ukraine need them, it is Ukraine that have the upper hand.

    Tell them to fuck off, Ukraine does not need to trade with the shithole, every other Country will pay well and on time, furthermore, they will not invade or steal toilets either.

  2. Well, they could get out of Donbas for the start and then we see where we’ll go from there. Alternatively there are many markets away from the russian jungle that will replace this trade in the near future…

    • I’m with you Mike. The Ukrainians government should use every chance they get to remind the ruSSo-invaders that they need to get out, as a precondition for everyfuckingthing.
      Now that the gas deal is done this is a good policy moving forward.

  3. They do say empty vessels make the most noise, and Medvedev’s head is a prime example. Say Ukraine dropped sanctions against Muscovy, two minutes later their lie machines in the form of RT, Tass etc, would be proclaiming Ukraine removed sanctions, thereby recognising Crimea as Russian.

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