Swiss Allseas withdraws pipe-laying vessels from Nord Stream 2 construction zone following US sanctions

The Swiss company Allseas, which has been laying the pipes of Nord Stream 2, has withdrawn its ships from the construction zone in the Baltic Sea.

Allseas declined to provide an estimate of how long the construction of Nord Stream 2 would be delayed by.

A total of three of Allseas’ ships were involved in the laying of the pipeline, including the “Pioneering Spirit” – the world’s largest ship for assembling and transporting sea platforms and laying underwater pipelines. On December 21, Gazprom’s longstanding contractor announced that it would be suspending its work on Nord Stream 2 due to the threat of US sanctions.

Several hours after the announcement, US President Donald Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020, which includes sanctions against companies involved in the construction of Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream. Companies that come under the sanctions will have all of their assets in the US frozen, be banned from operating in the US, and be banned from sending any company representatives to the US.

Germany, the key beneficiary of Nord Stream 2, has described the sanctions as interference in its internal affairs. The European Commission has also spoken against the US’s measures. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia will respond to the sanctions, and promised to finish building the gas pipeline.

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      • Tearing down that wall in hindsight caused all the problems in Europe today. At least it kept the scum at arms length, now they are running Germany again.

          • True, but the drunk Yeltsin also has to take some blame. If he had made Nemtsov president instead of Putin, Muscovy might be a different place today.

            • Absolutely! As I remember it, nobody expected the limping imp to be appointed and that’s one of the main reasons he had to blow up the flats and blame the Chechens so he could demonstrate his “strength.” It seems pretty obvious to me that little Vladolf had compromat on Yeltsin.

              • Yeah, it’s called protecting Russian speakers. No wonder most Russian speakers in Ukraine don’t want “protecting”

                • Repopulating foreign regions with Moskali is an ancient trick of Muskovia. But it continues to work for them. Then claiming to protect them because of their language shows their fascist behavior and the ridiculousness of their argument. Someone should ask them, “What if Great Britain or the US had the same policy with the English language?”

                  • Hitler learned well from the Moskali, he used the same excuse to “protect” German speakers. It continues to work because of weak, inept and corrupt politicians.

  1. Truthfully, I didn’t expect the sanctions to have such an immediate result. The pullout of Allseas is a major blow to the project.
    This measure makes me very proud of the United States!

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