Reuters: Nord Stream 2 to press on with Europe gas pipe, despite U.S. sanctions

Nord Stream 2, which will run along the Baltic Sea floor, will enable Russia to bypass Ukraine and Poland to deliver gas.

The group behind Nord Stream 2 said on Saturday it aimed to complete a pipeline to boost Russian gas supplies to Europe as soon as possible, after a major contractor suspended pipe-laying activities due to U.S. sanctions.

A U.S. bill signed by Donald Trump on Friday included legislation imposing sanctions on companies laying pipe for Nord Stream 2, the project that aims to double gas capacity along the northern Nord Stream 1 pipeline route to Germany, Reuters said.

Nord Stream 2, which will run along the Baltic Sea floor, will enable Russia to bypass Ukraine and Poland to deliver gas.

“Completing the project is essential for European supply security. We together with the companies supporting the project will work on finishing the pipeline as soon as possible,” the groups said.

Nord Stream 2 confirmed that its contractor, Swiss-Dutch company Allseas, suspended pipe-laying

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  • The Kremlin propose converting the Admiral Kuznetsov into a pipelaying ship. With it’s uncanny ability to dump metal into the sea, a Kremlin spokesperson said it will be the ideal ship to finish the project.

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  • I predict that the arseholes will continue, unless further, more savage sanctions are imposed. America does now have an interest in stopping it as it wants to supply LPG to Europe.

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    • LPG is a diffent product than LNG which is already being shipped to Europe. What is required now is a media push to inform the public concerning the countries and companies involved in pushing Nord Stream 2 through. German auto manufacturers took a hit with the diesel exhaust emissions work around they came up with. If the public were gently encouraged without changing duties to purchase other vehicles to support more cooperative countries, would hurt the Germans where it hurts worst. In their wallets!

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  • If the sanctions are far-reaching enough and pack enough bang, then NSII is finished. Neither Germanystan nor mafia land has the know-how to complete the project. We’ll see…

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