Lutsenko: Only America, President Trump can help stop Russia’s war against Ukraine

Ukraine’s ex-Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko has said only the United States and President Donald Trump can make the historic decision on Ukraine’s accession to NATO and, as a result, can stop Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

“During a meeting with [U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy] Giuliani during the election campaign in the United States, I asked him if, regardless of who heads the United States, two presidents (of Ukraine and the United States) could meet somewhere on the ranch for a couple of hours and make a historic decision about Ukraine’s admission to NATO. From my point of view, this is the only way to end the war and the threat from Russia forever. I’m sure that only America and, let me say, a president like Trump can do this,” Lutsenko said during the Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech) TV program hosted by Savik Shuster.

Lutsenko said he believes the example of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who he said destroyed Evil Empire of the USSR, could motivate Trump to “push the boundaries of freedom and democracy” to Russia’s borders.

“This is the step that would ensure Ukraine peace forever, and not a truce or a cold war,” Lutsenko said.

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  • This lying pro-russian rat should shut the fuck up!

    To join Nato a country

    a) must not be actively at war with somebody

    b) must achieve Nato standards

    c) all members of the alliance, including Germany and Hungary, must approve the membership

    This rat wants to abuse ukrainians’ hopes and put America in a bad light, for obvious reasons.

    Ukraine needs a bilateral defense pact with the US until full Nato membership.

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  • This from the guy who fabricated evidence with Giuliani to remove Yovanovich, a staunch anti corruption proponent.

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  • The Trumpet is far, far away from being another Ronald Reagan. First step in this direction would be to grab the orange one’s feet and to pull really hard until he slips out of Poopin’s anus.

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  • This idiot doesn’t know shit about nothin’.
    Even if all other criteria to join NATO were met right now it will take years for the UKraine military to meet NATO standards. It seems like a trivial matter. but the Soviet military Model is very different from the western.
    The trouble with the ukraine military is that they have been doing things the Soviet way since the Soviet Afghan war in the 80s.
    They old men now and flexibility in thinking is not something that gets better with age. The new Chief of Staff however does at least have current combat experience so maybe more progress will be made.
    Then are thousands of small things that must be changed. for example the fuel hose nozzles that the west an sSovie tera equipment use are not compatible. NATO vehicles could not use Ukraine fueling trucks. it seems small but when you need 300 liters fuel to fill an M-1 it is a real issue.
    I wish idiot politicians like him would just shut the hell up about NATO membership. It will happen in time.

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