Ukrainian hryvnia worlds best-performing currency this year

The world-beating hryvnia rally may be helping persuade more Ukrainians that the grass isn’t greener beyond the country’s borders.

Bloomberg Ukrainian currency’s 19% gain makes it the world’s performer in 2019. Russian ruble with a revaluation at 12% came second.


The Egyptian pound, Thai baht, and Israeli shekel complete the top five of best-performing currencies, Bloomberg wrote.

The world-beating hryvnia rally may be helping persuade more Ukrainians that the grass isn’t greener beyond the country’s borders. Read also NBU names advantages of strong hryvnia

While Polish wages were four times the equivalent in Ukraine in 2016, they are now just 2.5 times, according to the central bank, which also said there have been fewer internet search requests for employment abroad.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine set for Saturday, December 21, an official hryvnia rate to the dollar at UAH 23.33, which is the best indicator for the national currency since January 2016. In November, the hryvnia rose 3.4% to the dollar and by 13.4% over the 11 months of 2019.

(C)UNIAN 2019


  • Yeah, so why is it not being reflected in the price of goods in Ukraine? They have been on an upward spiral since Russia invaded Ukraine, which is understandable as the Hryvina was very weak, it has strengthened by over 10% in 6 months, yet nothing has changed.

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    • Maybe higher taxes, or mafia…

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      • Nope, taxes are the same, wages are the same too.

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        • The gas will flow from Russia plus the fees…………………..

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        • Sounds like a rip off scheme. Do you live in a big city or in the countryside? (Don’t tell your location)
          The countryside always had pharmacy prices wheras in bigger cities there should be cheap discounters.

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          • I live in a small village, but quite close to major supermarket chains.

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            • I see Knut was released from the doghouse. 😂

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            • When I was last in the Odessa area, I noticed a startling difference between the coastal areas and almost anywhere else in Ukraine (except for Kyiv of course). The opulence was disturbing for such a poor country : magnificent houses, luxury cars and an abundance of high end shops. For example, the national supermarket chain Silpo had an upmarket brand : they simply inserted the word ‘Le’ before ‘Silpo’. Walking around was a pleasure as the products on display were somewhat reminiscent of Harrods Food Hall; so luxurious! Customers would spend the equivalent of a month’s salary of ordinary Ukrainians on luxury food items. Car park was full of Beemers, Mercs and top end 4×4’s. I hope I’m wrong, but could these people be an enclave of putinoid scum? Obviously there are enough of these crooks for a national supermarket chain to create a brand especially for them.

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              • Odessa is the crime capital of Ukraine, run by pro Russian mafioso. Why do you think all these investigation journalists get murdered in the area? The place needs fumigating from top to bottom, and Kyiv is not too far behind. I know of one Lamborghini dealership in Kyiv, also a Porsche dealership just outside of Boryspil airport. These are not outlets you would expect to see in a poor country.

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                • It looks like they’ve got the wrong guy in charge for this type of job. After the defence of Ukraine, putinazi criminals must be the next priority. Have you ever seen inside a premium ‘Le Silpo’ store? They have them in Kyiv too. I can hardly imagine how ordinary Ukrainians would feel if they saw the opulence of that store and how impossible it would be for them to patronise it without some serious thieving.

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