Russian Drivers Unveil Knockoff of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck

Russian auto bloggers have refashioned a classic Soviet car into Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickup and took it for a spin for the world to see. 

Motorists spotted the DIY contraption with a similar futuristic look and sharp angles on a northern Moscow highway Thursday. 

The fake Cybertruck belongs to a YouTube blog called “Pushka Garazh,” its founder confirmed to the Tjournal news website after internet users suggested the contraption was their idea.

The Cybertruck reproduction is based on Russian automaker AvtoVAZ’s popular Lada Samara, a small hatchback that has a similar angular body, but runs on gasoline.

“We might give it electric traction like Tesla,” its creators told the 360 TV news channel. “We have a lot of ideas for this project.”

At least two other YouTube bloggers besides Pushka Garage are currently working on their own Cybertruck replicas that run on gasoline, Tjournal reported. Car enthusiasts around the world have also taken to refashioning Cybertrucks out of gasoline vehicles or building their own models from scratch.

Elon Musk’s Tesla opened pre-orders for the Cybertruck after unveiling it last month, with plans to start manufacturing the futuristic pickup in late 2021. Musk was spotted driving a Cybertruck in Los Angeles earlier this month.

(c) The Moscow Times


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