Putin: there is an arbitration ruling that awarded Naftogaz $2.6 bln, but there is also Kyiv’s $3-bln debt on eurobonds

Russia will in its actions be guided by the Stockholm arbitration tribunal’s ruling on the gas transit dispute with Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin said at his annual press conference.

But Putin said it should not be forgotten that Kyiv owed Moscow $3 billion on Eurobonds.

Commenting on the Stockholm arbitration ruling for Gazprom to pay Ukraine’s Naftogaz $2.6 billion, Putin said: “I am convinced the Stockholm arbitration ruling is political rather than legal in nature. One of the grounds for it was the challenging economic situation in Ukraine. But there is a ruling and we have to be guided by it,” he said.

“I draw your attention to the fact that some of our reserves have already been invested in Ukrainian securities. There has already been a ruling by a London court on this matter which is not being fulfilled,” he said.

(c) Interfax

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  • “There has already been a ruling by a London court on this matter which is not being fulfilled,” he said.”

    Try reading the news Vlad, Moscow was initially granted a summary judgement that could have seen Ukraine ordered to pay the debt in full. An appeals court accepted Ukraine’s arguments that it should not be forced to pay without first being given a chance to challenge the debt in a full trial. But Russia wants that appeal overturned. Russia’s finance ministry said in a statement on Monday it remained confident that Supreme Court would rule in Moscow’s favour in the case. Ukraine said it expected a decision in the first half of next year.

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