Gunman Opens Fire in Central Moscow, Killing at Least 1 Near FSB Building

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At least one person has been killed in a shooting in downtown Moscow on Thursday evening, local media have reported. 

An unidentified gunman opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle in the lobby of the Federal Security Services (FSB) building before fleeing the scene, the RBC news website cited an police source as saying.

The 112 Telegram channel reports that three members of the security services were killed in the shooting according to prelimenary information. 

A video of the incident depicts people fleeing the scene with gunfire heard in the background.

The streets around the site have been blocked off.

The Baza Telegram channel reports that there were three shooters, two of whom have been killed. One shooter has reportedly escaped to a parking lot near the FSB building and is being pursued by security forces.

The FSB has announced that there was one shooter and he has been killed, Russian media have reported.

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  1. Multiple people killed in shooting at Russia’s Federal Security Service headquarters

    A shooting has taken place in central Moscow at the Federal Security Service (FSB) building on Lubyanka Square. RBC reported that unknown individuals opened fire there, with at least one using a Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

    Preliminary eyewitness reports indicated that one individual began shooting in the FSB’s reception area, after which he ran out into the street and continued shooting there.

    The Telegram channel112 subsequently claimed that three people were involved in the shooting, and two were killed immediately. RT reported that the last remaining shooter barricaded himself inside a nearby building while exchanging fire with officers.

    While the Moskva news agency reported that the FSB ultimately confirmed this version of events, Interfax has written that the FSB said only a single shooter was involved.

    As of 7:13 PM local time, the third shooter had also been killed, according to the FSB press service. Officers are currently working to establish his identity. At 7:24 PM, a Meduza correspondent nonetheless reported hearing three sounds that may have been gunshots.

    “The first frames of the shooting captured by a Lubyanka surveillance camera. Pedestrians panic, drivers abandon their cars and run. Police officers hide behind the cars while moving toward the site of the shooting.”

    “‘Stop! Stop, I said!’ A very frightening video of the moment the shooting began in central Moscow.”

    There have been several fatalities. 112 wrote that three Federal Protective Service (FSO) employees were killed. Mash, which is also based on Telegram, reported the death of one traffic safety employee standing guard outside the building, which the FSB later confirmed.

    According to the Moskva News Agency, two people were injured in a shootout, and one later died of his injuries. The agency did not specify whether those two individuals were affiliated with a government agency.

    • The “Siren” alert was activated throughout the capital, according to Baza. The alert signals a search for an active shooter; it was canceled at 7:30 PM local time. In all FSB buildings, the “Fortress” plan was also activated, meaning the buildings are on total lockdown and no one may enter or exit. On-call officers from the Alpha special ops force as well as immediate response special ops troops were called to the scene, according to REN TV. Baza also claimed that emergency services have been asked to assist in putting out a fire at the site of the shooting, though that report has not been confirmed. By 7:39 PM, a criminal case had been opened to investigate the shooting.

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