Two Russians carrying large amount of counterfeit US dollars detained in riot-stricken Beirut

Two Russian citizens carrying a large amount of counterfeit US dollars were detained at Beirut airport. According to New Lebanon news outlet, an investigation has been launched into the attempted smuggling of counterfeit money.

The publication does not provide any details of the detention or the names of the detainees. It is only known that the detention was carried out by members of the Lebanese internal security service.

On Saturday, Demonstrators clashed with law enforcement units in Beirut.

Demonstrators stormed the barriers in the parliament area. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and batons. The demonstrators started throwing stones at the police.

Earlier, clashes between Shia youths, supporters of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, and protesters against the current government swept the Lebanese capital.

In particular, Shiites attacked the camp of demonstrators in Martyr’s Square, the epicenter of the protest movement.

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