Terrorists of “LPR” claim to entire Luhansk region. Imminent entry into force of “law on borders” announced

The leader of the terrorist group “Luhansk People’s Republic” in the occupied part of Donbass, supported by Russia, Leonid Pasechnik said that in the near future a “law” would come into force that establishes the “borders of the LPR” throughout the Luhansk region.

He made a corresponding statement at a joint briefing with the leader of another armed terrorist group “Donetsk People’s Republic”, whose militants previously designated the entire territory of the Donetsk region as “their state,” Zn.ua reports.

“The law on the state border adopted by the “DPR” enshrines the “will” of residents of the Donetsk region. In the near future, a similar “law” will come into force with us,” the media controlled by the militants cited Pasechnik.

Previously, on October 29, the so-called “authorities” of the self-proclaimed “LPR” agreed to open the Zolote entry and exit checkpoint.

Prior to this, the “authorities” of the occupied regions of the Luhansk region (ORLO) refused to open a checkpoint in Zolote. “LPR” put forward additional conditions for this, among which was the opening of another checkpoint in the city of Shchastya. However, until now, the checkpoint in Zolote has remained non-operating.

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