Rick Gates: ex-Trump aide sentenced to 45 days in prison for lying to FBI

Gates, the Trump campaign’s former deputy chair, provided extensive cooperation to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates to 36 months of probation and ordered him to serve 45 days in jail.

Gates provided extensive cooperation that helped the government secure convictions for Republican operatives Roger Stone and Paul Manafort in the Russia investigation.

Neither his lawyers nor federal prosecutors had sought prison time. The justice department said Gates provided “extraordinary assistance” in multiple investigations and that prosecutors would not oppose his request for probation.

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty in February 2018 to charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller of lying to the FBI and special counsel’s office and conspiracy against the United States.

“I wish to express to this court that I accept complete responsibility for my actions that have led me here,” Gates said, before being sentenced. “I greatly regret the mistakes I have made.”

Gates is one of a half-dozen Trump associates charged in Mueller’s investigation into ties Russian election interference and ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow. All six have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty at trial.

The three who were sentenced before Gates all received prison time. Two others, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Stone, are awaiting sentencing.

Gates was among the first defendants charged. An indictment accused him and Manafort, his onetime mentor and the chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign, of failing to disclose work for then-Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych and of hiding their proceeds from US tax authorities in order to fund lavish lifestyles.

Gates has met with prosecutors more than 50 times, testified in three criminal trials including the cases against Manafort and Stone, and admitted crimes the government didn’t already know about, according to a justice department filing.

“Gates’ cooperation has been steadfast despite the fact that the government has asked for his assistance in high-profile matters, against powerful individuals, in the midst of a particularly turbulent environment,” prosecutors wrote.

“Gates received pressure not to cooperate with the government, including assurances of monetary assistance.”

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  1. Here is the headline from RT regarding this story. Notice how they twisted everything as usual. No mention that these Ukrainians, were Pro Russian trash.

    Manafort’s deputy sentenced to 45 days in jail & 3yrs’ probation for lying to FBI and stashing Ukraine lobbying cash

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