Ukraine’s ex-prosecutor Shokin was poisoned due to possession of data on money laundering by Bidens

Giuliani states that Shokin was dismissed due to the threat of Biden not to allocate one billion of usd to Ukraine

Former prosecutor general Viktor Shokin was poisoned twice allegedly as he possesses the information about money laundering by ex-Vice President of the U.S. Joseph Biden and his son Hunter through Burisma Company as Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani reported on Twitter.

“(Shokin, – Holds doc’s proving money laundering by Burisma & Biden’s. Fired due to VP Biden’s threat not to release $1 billion in vital US aid. Shokin’s med records show he was poisoned, died twice, and was revived. Lots of heads will roll in Ukraine if this opens up”, Giuliani reported.

Earlier Trump’s lawyer stated that he gathered personal data of witnesses and documents, which supposedly reveal “the truth about impeachment” and show that Trump did not commit any offense.

Giuliani states that his data states that ‘in 2016, the corruption was so large-scale’ that Trump had to ask about American-Ukrainian investigation’. According to him, impeachment is the cover for the democrats.

On September 24, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry in response to the dispute over Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 rival, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

On September 25, the White House published the transcript of the talk of two presidents. On September 26, the U.S. Congress published the full version of the complaint against the pressure of U.S. President Donald Trump on President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during the phone talk in July.

Earlier U.S. President Donald Trump stated that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko did not know about the delay of financing from America.

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  1. “Shokin’s med records show he was poisoned, died twice, and was revived.”

    Oh boy! So one of the most powerful men in Ukraine is poisoned not once, but twice. I’m sure I don’t recall seeing anything about this in any media, or no mention of any investigation either. I see no mention of what days he “allegedly” died on, or is that being worked out at the moment? Another telling observation, only 112 are carrying this story, no other media mentions anything about Shokin being poisoned.

    • As an American it is very sad to see the Vice President of my country that is overseeing Ukrainians affairs after the Russian invasion, allow his son to sit on a corrupt board of a gas company that he knows nothing about and claiming to help fight corruption. Instead of helping to fight corruption, the Bidens were throwing gas on the flames.

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    • Thank you Michael and you’re right, it’s important to get real information out to real people, especially when the media and social networking companies are choosing sides and censoring material they don’t like. It’s a slippery slope to fascism and despair when people don’t get honest information. At we will continue to be an independent voice proclaiming the news about Ukraine in English.

  3. […] In October 2020, it become known that the Facebook manager for ‘election integrity’ is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council (run by senior CFR members) and was a former Ukraine policy advisor to Joe Biden. Moreover, both Oleksandr Onyshchenko (the Biden tapes whistleblower) and Viktor Shokin, the former Ukrainian state prosecutor who was investigating the Biden-linked Burisma gas company and who got fired after Biden put pressure on Poroshenko, report to have been poisened. […]

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