Macron to attend Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9

French President Emmanuel Macron will attend the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow on May 9, said the French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie-Agnès Bermann in an interview with Echo of Moscow radio station.

“The president said that he will attend the Victory Day in Moscow on May 9,” she said.

According to the diplomat, Macron has already given a positive answer.

(C)UAWIRE 2019


  • So far for the Normandy Talks…………………with a stopover in Berlin tot take Merkel as well……………..

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  • англійський масон

    A source close to the Cheese eating surrender monkey Government, I mean French Government has revealed that to mark the occasion Macron will be presented with a fully restored French Tank from the period.

    The authentic restoration includes a popular feature from Tanks of this period, which is an automatic system whereby should there be a loud bang nearby dozens of white flags instantly emerge from orifices concealed on the Tank body.

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  • Now we know Macron is a Nazi who supports Russia’s war against Ukraine…

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  • Macron, apart from being a sniveling, treacherous piece of putler-loving excrement, obviously knows no history. Russia started WW2 when it invaded Poland with its ally, Germany.

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