The Ukraine-Russia Paris Meeting Through the Russian Propaganda Lens

Zero result for Ukraine, a Donbas Srebrenica and Putin is the winner. That is a very concise roundup of Russian media responses to the Ukraine-Russia meeting brokered by France and Germany to jump start talks on the war in eastern Ukraine that took place in Paris on December 9.

Generally Russian media considered the Paris meeting as something positive for Russia, neutral or negative for the occupied Donbas and a loss for Ukraine. Continuing the classic fake that the war in the east is a civil war and a purely internal conflict, Russian media declared that Ukraine has a lot of tense homework to do.

While Ukraine may have made promises in Paris, it has no intention of keeping those promises and the situation is just a continuation of Poroshenko’s policies, summarizes.

The alleged Russian success at the Paris meeting is that the world has finally seen that Ukraine has no intention of abiding by the Minsk accords aimed to bring an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict Vesti Radio Vesti claimed.

Meanwhile TASS declared that Zelensky categorically announced that he did not agree with the Minsk accords and Kyiv is not focused on ending the conflict but rather on freezing it.

Russian state television declared that keys to peace in Ukraine are in Putin’s hands while the newspaper Vzglyad baldly declared that Angela Merkel considered Putin to be the winner of the summit, and miraculously, only a Russian journalist actually heard her say this.

Russian media also droned on about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s inexperience and lack of professionalism, accusing him of being beholden on the opinion of radicals and the street.

Zelensky only learned what the Minsk accords are at this summit, claimed some Russian political analyst and declared that an ass looking at its reflection in a puddle would look more optimistic than Zelensky did at the meeting’s final press conference. Others compared Zelensky to a football, that plays a passive role, conducted psychological “analyses” of his behavior at the final press conference and announced that the Ukrainian president is afraid of Putin.

Even a new boogeyman was launched by none other than Vladimir Putin – if Ukraine regains control of its eastern border with Russia, a second Srebrenica will follow.

The Russian language was not forgotten of course. Russian media relished in the fact that Zelensky often switched to Russian while in Paris and droned on that it was in fact Ukraine’s language law that launched the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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  1. “The alleged Russian success at the Paris meeting is that the world has finally seen that Ukraine has no intention of abiding by the Minsk accords aimed to bring an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict Vesti Radio Vesti claimed.”

    I’m sure Putin will be having a little word with the editor of this BS Kremlin media channel, after they claim Ukraine has no intention of bringing this conflict to an end, with a country that are not involved in it.

  2. The Russia is still stuck in the Donbass conflict quagmire, still stuck with the Donbass economic ball-and-chain, still stuck with sanctions and they call this farce a success? Sure, if a continuous failure is a success in failing, then it is a success. Who understands Russkie logic?

  3. I am going to give points to Ze big time.
    The Russian media framed this meeting as “Putin going to Paris to accept Ukraine’s Surrender.
    And I am sure many in the West saw it that way.
    Instead Putin walked out of there with his dick in his hand and a case of the blue balls.
    in the negotiations leading up to the meeting everything was supposed to be laid out all nice and neat with the closing comunique already written.
    Instead Ze turned the whole terribly civilized affair on end and brought up territorial integrity and and securing the boarder BEFORE the elections.
    The chess master got had by the clown.
    So who won?
    Clearly Zelensky did.
    He has now demonstrated that Ukraine is in a sufficiently strong position that he can give Putin the finger and ignore Macaroni and Angi.
    Combine this with the fall out with Kolomoisky and you see he has proven HE is the President and not a sock puppet.

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