Ukraine, Belarus expand trade, economic cooperation – Cabinet

Within the framework of the 27th meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Belarusian Mixed Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, a meeting of co-chairs of the national parts of the Commission and a plenary meeting took place.

“The visit of the Belarusian delegation of such level is a real opportunity to continue the dialogue with a view to practical implementation of the urgent tasks of cooperation in all areas of mutual interest for the peoples of our states,” the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers quoted Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel as saying on Saturday.

It is noted that the constructive discussions held at expert consultations within the Commission will deepen cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus.

“Cooperation with the Republic of Belarus will ensure the development and functioning of stable and competitive sectors of the economy of our states. Implementation of the agreements will provide an opportunity to strengthen political, trade, economic and cultural ties between our countries,” Orzhel added.

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  • There’s no bigger friend of (free) Belarus than myself. But Belarus must leave Moscow’s orbit sooner or later. The fact that Luka is begging for closer ties with Nato makes me optimistic, but as long as grand Belarus is attached to da shithole in da east there’s little benefit for Ukraine.

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  • Any effort that undermines Belarus /Russian ties is worthwhile.
    this is yet another reason for Ukraine developing their domestic gas resources so they can break the Russian stranglehold on the Belarus market.
    Meanwhile Ukraine should press hard to the Black Sea/Baltic waterway. Think of it as Ukraine’s silk road.
    With Ukraine’s economy growing they need to start flexing some muscle.

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