U.S. might allocate $1 billion for energy security of European countries, including Ukraine

18:52, 14 December 2019

This will make it possible to diversify gas supplies and reduce dependence on Russian energy resources.

The US Congress may support a bill that provides for the allocation of $ 1 billion for energy security in Europe, including Ukraine. It is reported by the Government Portal.

It is reported that Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Dmiytro Kuleba during his visit to the United States advocated the adoption of a draft European energy security law that has already been submitted.

The law provides for the allocation of about $ 1 billion to American companies for the construction of energy infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. This will make it possible to diversify gas supplies and reduce dependence on Russian energy resources.

“This is not just about Ukraine, but about the strategic balance in the entire region, in particular, Russia’s influence in Central Europe and the Western Balkans,” Kuleba said.

As reported, the House of Representatives of the US Congress supported the bill on the defense budget for 2020 in the amount of 738 billion dollars. The law provides for the allocation of $ 300 million to Ukraine.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Perhaps use the money to build LNG terminals so that when the Moskali cut off supplies, break contracts and increase prices, subvert legislation, bypass Ukrainian transit or continue occupying foreign territory, simply replace their supply with a supply from a free and democratic country.

  2. An excellent idea. Diversify the energy market and put to rest the claims that Nord Stream sanctions are only designed to sell US LNG and have nothing to do with the dangerous monopoly that it would create. Supply and demand and free and fair competition .

  3. Among other important events of the outgoing week, it is worth noting the Verkhovna Rada adopting a law on an “industrial visa-free regime” with the European Union. In particular, the document will allow European certification bodies to recognize Ukrainian quality certificates.

  4. We should help Ukraine to produce more gas. Ukraine ranks third in Europe in proven gas reserves, behind the Russia and Norway. This would not only help Ukraine but also Europe. The continent would be free from mafia land’s whims and wishes.

  5. Other than money laundering, gas is Putin’s main weapon. The more the US subverts it the less influence he has.
    For Ukraine
    ”s part they need to use this as an opportunity to repair and up grad their Gas Transit System. Cut costs by downsizing the capacity, replace outdated pumps and pipelines. streamline operations and cut personnel. This will reduce costs and allow the system to operate profitably at a lower price.
    GAZPROM my not want to use the Ukraine route but other supplies will if the prce is right.
    If you can not stop NS2 then price it out of the market

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