Trudeau instructs Canadian foreign minister to defend Ukraine

Global Affairs Canada will work with the Department of National Defence in the appropriate use of the Armed Forces in order to support Ukraine and other allies.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released updated mandate letters for his 37-member cabinet on Friday, December 13.

In a mandate letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne, he said: “You will work with the Minister of National Defence to ensure that any deployment of the Canadian Armed Forces aligns with Canada’s national interest, our multilateral commitments and the Government’s policy objectives, such as our existing commitments in the Middle East, Latvia and Ukraine.”

“Increase Canadian support abroad for democracy, human rights, international law and freedom of the press. In this regard, you will build on the Magnitsky sanctions regime to ensure increased support for victims of human rights violations by developing a framework to transfer seized assets from those who commit grave human rights abuses to their victims, with appropriate judicial oversight,” the prime minister stressed.

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  • I have nothing but respect for the Canadian military. During WW2 a mixture of Canadian and American soldiers formed the first special services or Devils brigade which was undefeated in battle and arguably the most effective fighting force of the war.
    As far as the Canadian government is concerned , I would like to see them live up to their 2 percent NATO commitments.

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