“To deter Russia from repeating annexations” — USA to conduct largest military exercises in Europe in 25 years

The United States planned in 2020 to conduct the largest military exercises in Europe since the end of the Cold War in order to “deter Russia.”

American Major General Barre Seguin, who manages the operations of the allies from the NATO military headquarters in Belgium, told about the training, according to Reuters.

20,000 American troops will be deployed to Europe for training.

Soldiers will land in Belgium and the Netherlands. From there, through German territory, they will be relocated to Poland and along the eastern borders of NATO.

In total, 37 thousand personnel will take part in the exercises.

According to the American general, the training will be conducted in order to deter Russia from any repeat of annexations, similar to the capture of Crimea in 2014.

Earlier, it was reported that Belarus was discussing joint military exercises with NATO and specifying their possible format.

On November 19, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO will not allow the repetition of the “Crimean scenario” in any of the allied countries, and if one ally is attacked, then the whole Alliance will respond.

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  1. That Marxist prick Stoltenberg has effectively just given putler permission to invade anywhere he likes as long it’s not a Nato country. You can guarantee that he will continue to avoid committing any nation occupied or even just menaced by putler to join.

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