There is high probability agreements could be disrupted at any stage, but progress achieved

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Zahorodniuk, commenting on the meeting of the leaders of the Normandy Four countries in Paris, has said that there is a high probability of disruption of agreements at any stage, but the main thing is that a progress has been achieved.

“Ukraine has shown the whole world that it will fight for the return of its territories, including on the diplomatic front. No concessions by territories, people’s interests, the integrity of the country. The position is declared, priorities are identified, intentions are determined,” Zahorodniuk wrote on his Facebook page.

In addition, the minister of defense noted that any meeting and negotiations require careful preparation.

“The process will not be quick. There is a high probability of disruption of agreements at any stage, but there is progress: we are working on the return of prisoners, the creation of new crossing points. Let us also be able to evaluate our victories, and not just defeats,” he stressed.

Zahorodniuk noted that during the Normandy meeting yesterday, a position was created for further negotiations, the basis of which is the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Don’t also forget that this day was made possible thanks to the soldiers who hold the front line. Unfortunately, three of them have died today. I am grateful to everyone, and I express sincere condolences to the families of the victims and brothers,” the minister said.

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  • The killing of ukrainian patriots continues after the talking and dining…

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  • As President Zelenskyy pointed out, none of the 20 or so ceasefires declared over the past five years have held.
    I believe that he strengthened Ukraine’s positions in further negotiations by demonstrating clearly that Russia’s Putin is both the cause of the conflict and the main obstacle to peace.

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    • That’s a good point SA, let’s hope it sticks.

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      • I was impressed by Z’s performance . Although these seem to be small steps , I would view this as a modest success. No changes to the Ukrainian constitution, no federalization of the Ukraine state, no elections before withdrawal of foreign troops and return of the Ukrainian border to Kyiv’s control. Indeed, Zelenskyy was quite forceful at the press conference in holding the line on these points. 

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