Surkov categorically threatens in Paris to withdraw from negotiations if Ukraine renounces special status for “DNR/LNR” – Chesnakov

The team of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky tried to convince the participants of the Normandy format summit to revise the terms of the Minsk agreements, citing the fact that otherwise, the Ukrainian nationalists would arrange a “revolution”. Russian political strategist Alexey Chesnakov, member of the team of Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov, wrote this on his Telegram.

“Representatives of Ukraine literally begged other participants to revise the Minsk agreements during the negotiations of the Normandy Four in Paris. They complained that there would be a revolution in Ukraine and the nationalists would overthrow them, if they try to implement the Minsk set of measures”, – Chesnakov stated.

“But it was not possible to move the partners to pity. The adopted final communique stated the parties’ commitment to the Minsk agreements and their inviolability on the insistence of Russia”, – the Russian political strategist wrote.

In addition, he stated that Vladislav Surkov demanded as an ultimatum that the Ukrainian delegation in Paris not insist on discussing changes to the draft communique previously agreed by the parties regarding the granting of special status to Donbass by Ukraine on an ongoing basis.

“The Ukrainians tried to abandon this obligation. Then the assistant to V.Putin stated that the Russian party would suspend participation in the negotiations if thispoint was violated. It was actually an ultimatum”, – Chesnakov wrote.

According to him, the ultimatum has worked. “After that, the representatives of Germany and France put pressure on the Ukrainians, and this point, principle for Donbass, was kept in the correct wording. The Ukrainians had to cede and confirm that the national “republics” were given special status on an ongoing basis. Moreover, to capture it in the Constitution of Ukraine, – the political strategist of Vladislav Surkov concluded.

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  1. I hope Ukraine throw this Minsk agreement where it belongs, in the trashcan. Closely followed by this terrorist Surkov, who should never have been in Paris, he is under EU sanctions.

  2. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has told Ukrainian journalists following the Normandy Four summit it is difficult to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Asked about his impressions of the Russian president and whether Putin is a negotiable leader, Zelensky said” “Look, it’s very difficult to negotiate [with Putin], but today there were moments when we agreed on something, on certain things. That’s because he dissects every question into details … and then we begin to even consider every word. So yes, this is difficult. I’m just a different person, I’m a quick person. I thought that we could just sit down real quick and have a deal… But it’s different here, it’s different biomechanics, so to speak,” Zelensky said.

    • Putin is a KGB pro. He stretches every issue into maximum length like a chewing gum to paralize any possible agreements and to frustrate his counterparts. His tactics is to avoid solutions and keep Ukraine hung up for as long as possible. Ukraine should abandon the occupied territories completely until they were returned by Russia.

  3. Putin: If Ukrainian Troops retake the border, they will kill everyone in the Republics he told tofday, I t will be one big Srebenica! TASS

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