SBI opens case on possible treason by Poroshenko when signing Minsk accords

The State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) announces the opening of criminal proceedings on the possibility of high treason by the fifth President of Ukraine (2014-2019), leader of the European Solidarity Party Petro Poroshenko when signing of the Minsk agreements to resolve the situation in Donbas in 2015.

“Indeed, proceedings have been opened upon the statement on the possibility of high treason by Poroshenko when signing the Minsk agreements,” press secretary of the State Bureau of Investigations Anzhelika Ivanova told Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

At the same time, ex-deputy head of the presidential administration of the time of Viktor Yanukovych, Andriy Portnov, on his Telegram channel posted a copy of the response of the SBI addressed to him, from which it follows that he turned to the SBI about the possible state treason committed by Poroshenko during the preparation and conduct on February 11 and February 12, 2015 negotiations on the content of the document “A set of measures aimed at implementing the Minsk agreements.”

Information about a possible crime was entered into the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations on December 10, 2019, and a pretrial investigation was launched. Preliminary qualification of the case is set under Part 1 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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