Secretary of Defense Esper: U.S. considering more aid to Ukraine

22:58, 08 December 2019

Around US$250 million will be allocated.

United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has confirmed that the U.S. is considering more aid to Ukraine. “We have another tranche coming up at this time. I think it’s around US$250 million, and DoD [U.S. Department of Defense] supported it last time around.

I imagine we’ll support it next time around. But there’re always checks we have to do. We always look for how it is being used and whether they are addressing corruption,” he said at the Reagan National Defense Forum on December 7. Asked whether there is US$35 million that hasn’t been deployed yet, Esper said: “I think it’s actually less than US$10 million to this point.” “But most of the aid went out on time,” he added.

When asked whether the impeachment process affects him, he answered that he stays out of politics. “I want to keep DoD out of politics,” he said. “I think we’re doing a pretty good job staying out of it.” Speaking about a hold on military aid to Ukraine, he said: “There was not a hold by DoD. DoD looked at the provision of lethal aid to Ukraine.

We assessed it – and I’ve said this publicly – we looked at three things: Is it important to Ukraine with regard to their ability to engage the Russians; have the Ukrainians sufficiently addressed corruption; and number three: Are our allies and region also providing security assistance to the Ukrainians to assist them. The answer to all three was ‘yes.’ So we supported the provision of that aid.”

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  • That amount is very likely to go up as long as the rabid invaders continue their illegal temporary occupations.

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  • Very good. But please give me a break with your checks! We drowned a fortune in toilets like Afghanistan and Pakistan, and got heroin plantations in exchange for our cash! Ukraine is our best ally in Europe south of Denmark! Shoot some money, i guarantee ukrainians won’t shoot you! (unlike the islamic bums!) 😉

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  • англійський масон

    This is good news, but I would rather see something more done to address the real situation and not have Ukrainians dying or killing to fight a proxy war.

    Deeply punishing sanctions need to be levied against the shithole otherwise there is no reason for things to change. shorty will continue to send thugs to invade and recruit local wannabe gangsters and thugs just to promote instability.

    I would have the UN declare a DMZ as there is in Cyprus, but with land taken from both sides, nothing and nobody allowed into that zone.
    Ukrainian troops then could safely enter the Ukrainian side and see if the people there really wanted to be independent.

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