Zelensky on Paris meeting: I want to understand if Putin wants to end the war in Donbas

On the “Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster” TV program, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Yes, all presidents will have bilateral meetings,” he said.

Volodymyr Zelensky said that during the Normandy Four Summit in Paris, all leaders will hold personal meetings. The Ukrainian President also added that he is not nervous before the meeting with Vladimir Putin. The only thing the Ukrainian President is afraid of is the inconclusive nature of negotiations.

“I want to see a man [Putin] and I want to bring from Normandy Four Summit an understanding and a sense that everyone wants to end this tragic war gradually. I will be able to understand it at the negotiation table,” said Zelensky.

Earlier, Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Honcharenko, citing his sources, said that the Normandy Four Summit in Paris will begin with a closed bilateral meeting between Zelensky and Putin.

The Normandy Four is the negotiations format on the resolution of the conflict in the Donbas, which includes Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia.

The last Normandy Four summit was held in the autumn of 2016.

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