Russia – Ukraine war updates: daily briefings as of December 7, 2019

Russia – Ukraine war updates from the war zone in southeast Ukraine as of December 7, 2019 by Joint forces operation HQ data: EMPR highlights.

(1) Russian hybrid forces increased to 14 the number of attacks in the war zone in eastern Ukraine for the last 24 hours. The enemy continue to use forbidden 120-mm and 82-mm mortar launchers fire against Ukrainian troops.

(2) Russian occupiers launched 6 attacks with the following types of arms in the East area:

forbidden 120-mm mortar launchers – near Avdyivka (2 times),

easel anti-tank grenade launchers – near Mykolayvka and Novognativka,

manual anti-tank grenade launchers – near Vodyane and Pavlopil,

grenade launchers – near Avdyivka (2 times),

high caliber machine guns – near Avdyivka (2 times),

small arms – near Avdyivka (2 times), NovognativkaVodyane and Pavlopil,

(3) Russian occupiers launched 8 attacks in the North area with the use of the following types of arms:

forbidden 82-mm mortar launchers – near Luhanske (4 times),

easel anti-tank grenade launchers – near Luhanske (4 times) and Troytske,

manual anti-tank grenade launchers – near Zaytseve,

APC fire – near Krymske,

high caliber machine guns – near Luhanske (4 times) and Krymske,

grenade launchers – near Novoluhanske (2 times) and Krymske,

small arms – near Novoluhanske (2 times) and Krymske,

(4) 2 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in actions during the last 24 hours. 



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