Brian Whitmore: How an enemy acts

French President Macron recently argued that NATO should not consider the Kremlin an enemy. Let’s review how an enemy acts.

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  1. Macron is the one who is brain dead.
    Maybe the Kriminalin should make public the cities in France which it has targeted with nuclear weapons as it did with the United States.

    For sale ; French army rifles :
    Never fired and only dropped once.

  2. France is a piss-ass country that offers the choice to its electorate of putler jackboot licking fascist gargoyle Le Pen, sniveling putler jackboot licking socialist gerontophile Macron, or some psychopathic adherent of the desert ‘prophet’.

    • Scradge, do you think Macron’s relatively recent turn towards Putler is because he wants to get some of Le Pen’s supporters, or because Putler got some compromat on Macron?

      • Putler has bought a tremendous amount of influence over the years, but we can’t rule out kompromat also. I would not be surprised if both of these techniques are in play with regard to Trumpkov. Macron started out being critical to putler but has completely reversed. Could it be that putler has some gay kompromat on the weird socialist granny-grabber?
        There are many other examples: in 2008, Orban was commendably critical of putlerstan’s invasion of Georgia, yet slowly and inexorably over the years he has turned into a full blown putler jackboot-licker. Why? It has to be money or kompromat. Then we come to Tucker Carlson; when and why did he become a filthy putler shill?
        There are many, many others: Alex Jones, who I particularly loathe for being a sick fuck (he claimed that the children murdered at Sandy Hook were actors hired by the govt as part of a conspiracy to amend gun laws) at one time he described putler accurately as a ‘demon’. He absolutely hated him! Yet his websites have over the years become weaponised components of putler’s war effort.
        Michael Savage: a staunch anti-communist Jew with Russian antecedents, suddenly became a putler shill in 2013, defending Assange’s butt-boy Snowden (‘an American hero’). Then in 2014 joined in Russia’s war against Ukraine on putler’s side. It was Savage who switched Trump from having mainstream Republican views about the invasion into spouting bullshit about Crimea having a ‘legitimate right to choose’.
        There has to be powerful reasons for these inexplicable events. Since 2014, the EU has become a putlerite organisation. The frogs and krauts have always been treacherous, but they’re getting much worse.

        • I think some of that is just shock-jocking, but especially during a time of war, lines must be drawn very clearly. Aid and comfort to the enemy is a basic tenant for treason. Of course, France, the US and the UK aren’t at war with Hitler 2.0 but a mum Trump and a butt-kissing Macron accomplish the same thing in the eyes of the invader.

          • Savage and Jones are shock-jocks and putler shills. Carlson is not a shock jock but has reiterated his support for Russia, a fascist country and enemy of the US in its war against a democratic country that is a US ally. That is beyond shameful. Carlson referred to Max Boot, a conservative writer, as a ‘warmonger’ because he is anti-putlerstan. Boot comes from a Jewish family that escaped from Russia during one of Brezniev’s pogroms. What he says in the following article is shocking to read but true. There is a stark observation here:
            ‘The percentage of Republicans who view Russia as an ally has nearly doubled since Trump took office. The party’s transformation into a Russian lickspittle makes me sick; “GOP” might as well stand for “Gang of Putin.”
            And again here:
            ‘While Republicans are primarily motivated by Trump toadyism, there is also an element of ideological affinity for Russia. While all Republicans were staunchly opposed to the “godless” Soviet regime, some of them admire Putin’s fascist regime, which combines crony capitalism with ultra-nationalism’.

            Full article :


            If the Dems get elected next year, it will be a disaster for America, the world and particularly the countries having to live under Russian occupation. The GOP needs to ditch Trump and insert someone like Rubio, or possibly Hailey, in time to defeat whatever
            dross the Dems nominate as their candidate.

            • Rags like the Washington Post are still dividing Americans and thus helping the demented dwarf and doing his dirty work. If the GOP support for Vladolf has doubled, why isn’t it reflected in their votes? Because it hasn’t. Your point is well taken though Sir Scradge. Always suspect projection when there is a question of logic!

              • Rest assured redders, you have my full unqualified support, but sometimes friends need to point out inconsistencies. Fox News has become a putlerite shitshow since Trump took office. Such a thing previously would have been unthinkable. Carlson is one of its biggest stars and is egging putler on in his murderous ambitions towards Ukraine. This also would have been unthinkable. The Wapo is consistent in its support for Ukraine, which is why it is under constant attack from the trumpoids. Are there are any mainstream conservative outlets left with any stature that take a firm line against the tiny poisoner and support Ukraine and Georgia? I know of none. This is surely unacceptable, as well as tragic. Walter Duranty is back, but this time on the right wing.

                • I appreciate that, friend. I have seen similar phenomenon when it comes to new administrations especially when there are big shifts in political leadership. Then the new leadership has the tendency to do the opposite of the previous administration. Even you may admit that Corb-Lenin is right 1% of the time?
                  I do believe their are some shock-jocks on Fox News to oppose previous ethos that Putler is evil. They are simply wrong and myopic. I will also say the US as a whole is terrible about world news and geography in general. Add political expediency to that and you have a noxious cocktail. Still, lefties are in a worse position especially when considering the historical perspectives.

                  • In America, putler-groveling is a right wing thing, except for obscure commies like Noam Chomsky, crazed commies masquerading as socialists such as barmy Bernie, or Assad/Putler loving Dems such as Gabbard.
                    In Britain, Her Majesty’s official opposition is a rabid bunch of far left putinoid anti-semites whose world view matches that of putler’s most evil website, FortRuss. JeremIRA CorbLenin loves putler so much he even worked for RT, as well as Press TV. He’s never met a terrorist he doesn’t like. If he wins next week, (God willing, Boris will pound him into the dirt), a new axis of evil will emerge: putlerstan, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and the new people’s socialist workers republic of CorbLeninistan. The latter will have a new flag consisting of a hammer and sickle, izlamonazi crescent, Palestinian tricolour and the IRA armalite logo.

      • Since the cold war it was the left opposing a hard line towards Moscow. Now that Moscow has become full Hitlerstan, we also have some right wingers (not all of them)[Marine’s father was a full Nazi and holocaust denier] who are captured by the new Hitler from Moscow. Anyway, Macron as a (gay) left winger, and Putler obviously having some bad ass compromising shit on him, has to follow his new master. And there’s also that Eurasia crap, lefties dreaming of an empire stretching from Madrid to Novosibirsk – being a counterweight to ‘evil’ America, which is nothing else than jealousy of a bunch of losers…

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