The Council endorsed a request to submit a MAP to NATO

Parliament adopted a resolution “On the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine’s Declaration” On the first steps to ensure Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration is the acquisition of Ukraine’s full membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It was supported by 284 MPs, Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The statement stresses that today Ukraine is in fact the eastern border of the North Atlantic Alliance, and its dedication to repressing Russian aggression makes a significant contribution to ensuring peace and security throughout the transatlantic space.

“The alternative of Ukraine’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is set out in the Constitution of Ukraine, which is also widely supported by Ukrainian citizens, and it should receive a decent response at the level of the long-awaited Alliance decisions on a new stage of rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO. providing our country with a Membership Action Plan is the most effective and trustworthy investment in the peace and security of our common future, “the document said.

It underlines that Ukraine’s long-term integration into the North Atlantic Alliance will guarantee Ukraine’s independence, security and sovereignty, its development as a democratic rule of law, the well-being and prosperity of Ukrainian citizens.

“This solution meets the interests of the citizens of Ukraine and will be another step to building an effective international security system,” – said BP .

In this regard, Parliament called on the President of Ukraine to prepare and submit in December 2019 to the North Atlantic Council and the NATO Secretary General a request to confirm Ukraine’s intention to obtain a NATO Membership Action Plan.

At the same time, the VR authorized the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to sign the documents, together with the President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, necessary to confirm Ukraine’s intention to obtain a NATO Membership Action Plan, and to call on NATO Parliaments to promote Ukraine’s MAP. .

It was reported that a relevant draft Verkhovna Rada statement on the NATO Membership Action Plan prepared factions of the European Solidarity political party.

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  1. Get it signed into law, then the ball is in the court of NATO. Good to see 284 voted for this resolution, shame on the rest who want to be stuck in Putin’s rear end.

  2. Some facts that NATO should consider;

    Ukraine has half a million security forces which dwarves the 2,000 that Montenegro brought into NATO in 2017. Ukraine’s military is ranked the 29th strongest in the world according to Global Firepower, a U.S.-based independent defense think tank, with only 10 out of 29 NATO members possessing stronger armies. Of these 10 NATO members, 3 armies are similarly ranked as Ukraine: Greece (28), Canada (25) and Poland (22). Importantly, Ukraine’s army is stronger than those of 19 NATO members.

    Within Europe, Ukraine has the eighth strongest army and 22 of NATO’s members are ranked below Ukraine. Montenegro (32), Macedonia (31), the three Baltic states (27-29), and Slovenia (26) bring little added military value to NATO and are therefore consumers of security. Ukraine as a member of NATO would be a supplier of security.

    Ukraine has a revived Military-Industrial Complex that supplies Ukrainian troops and is the world’s ninth largest arms exporter. Most other NATO members can make no such claims. Ukraine spends 5 per cent of its GDP on defence which is higher than all NATO members except the US. Only 6 NATO members spend the required 2 per cent of GDP on defence, of which three are east European (Estonia, Poland, and Romania) countries. Lithuania and Latvia plan to increase their spending to 2 per cent.

  3. The statement stresses that today Ukraine is in fact the eastern border of the North Atlantic Alliance.

    Or to put it in realistic terms, Civilisation and indoor toilets.

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