Putin Criticizes NATO Expansion as Alliance Holds London Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday criticized NATO’s continued expansion, something he suggested was pointless given the absence of a threat from Moscow following the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.

Speaking at a meeting of Russian military leaders in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin said NATO expansion posed a threat to Russia, but said he hoped that a shared interest in common security would prevail.

Despite tensions, Putin said Russia remained ready to cooperate with the military alliance.

He was speaking as U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at European allies before a NATO anniversary summit in London, singling out France’s Emmanuel Macron for “very nasty” comments on the alliance and Germany for spending too little on defense.

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. ‘He suggested was pointless given the absence of a threat from Moscow’.

    What dope they sniff in the Kremlin???

    Moldova – invaded and parts still occupied.

    Georgia – invaded and parts still occupied

    Ukraine – invaded and parts still occupied

    And not to forget the Iskanders in Kaliningrad and nukes in the Crimea…

    • Trying to assassinate the PM of European country to stop them joining NATO.

      Assassinations on European soil.

      The list goes on, and the more he does, the more the cowards turn a blind eye.

  2. With a Gorbachev and a Gorbachev-like leader afterward ruling in mafia land, we might not have a NATO anymore today. We wouldn’t have illegally occupied territories either or murdered opposition leaders and journalists, murders on foreign soil, oppression, massive theft of people’s monies, countless parasitic oligarchs, a mafia-structured government, or a boy belly-kissing pedophile for Ruskie president.
    And, we wouldn’t be here either…

    • Absence of a threat from Moscow? Ask Moscow’s neighbors if there are threats and then ask them again why they want to join NATO
      That little parasite can’t even believe his own propaganda.

    • We probably would be here, onlyfactsplease, but we would be discussing far more pleasant things such as Ukrainian culture, life, food, drink, places etc.

      The kind of things people should be discussing when some cocksucker peado with a napoleon complex isn’t being a total cunt.

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