MFA Ukraine hands protest note to Hungary Ambassador

23:45, 02 December 2019

The envoy was summoned to the Ministry on December 2.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine handed a note of protest to the Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine, Istvan Íjgyártó over his recent statements regarding the autonomy of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine and the Hungarian side blocking the Ukraine-NATO Commission.

The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine noted that Istvan Íjgyártó had been summoned on December 2. “The unacceptability was noted of his statements regarding the autonomy of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine and the Hungarian side blocking the activities of the Ukraine-NATO Commission. A note of protest has been handed over,” the statement said.

“During the conversation, it was further noted that Law of Ukraine ‘On Education’ does not violate the rights of Ukrainians of Hungarian origin, but rather gives them opportunities for better self-realization in Ukraine, which has now been confirmed by the Venice Commission,” the Foreign Ministry added.

As reported earlier, Istvan Íjgyártó said Budapest would continue to block the holding of the Ukraine-NATO Commission meetings due to alleged violation of rights of the Hungarian minority by Ukraine government.

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  1. This whole Hungarian protest against the Ukrainian language on Ukrainian soil smells like Kremlin filth to me. Especially when you consider there are ZERO Ukrainian language schools in Hungary. Ditto Muskovy of course.

    • It is indeed kremlin filth. Now here is an even worse example of a putler shiteater: in this video a Republican congressman makes a reasonable case for the assistance given to Ukraine. Then a jaw-dropping moment. Tucker Carlson is a huge name in US media. The cocksucker proudly announces that he is rooting for putinazi Russia. I would love to drive a fist into his smug, ignorant face. :-

      • Hiya Bro! In my opinion, foreign policy is too complicated for most journalists so they should just keep quiet. Carlson is a protectionist that thinks we shouldn’t be in any conflicts nor choose sides. Obviously he is uninformed and blind to seeing differences between good and evil.

        • Greetings Redders!
          Problem is he has chosen sides. Big time. Notice how tragically his interviewee did not pick him up on that outrageous declaration of support for a vicious fascist power? Carlson is a fan of Ron Paul, he hated McCain and he’s a trumpoid. This is what I had feared coming true: Trumpkov’s outrageous groveling to fuehrer pootler led to right wing journos throwing their hat into putler’s filthy ring and as a result of that, mainstream republican supporters have also latched onto the tiny poisoner. The proof of this we can see in Breitbart comments, also infowars, Savage etc. ‘Alt right’ is just a code term for putler lovers.

          • Agreed. And add to that the impeachment farce which is forcing people to take sides and taking the attention off Putler and his crimes. So it is easy to see who really wins in the impreachment hoax…..the tiny poisoner…

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