“Everyone has the right to choose” – Zelensky invited pro-Russian residents of Donbass to move to Russia

In the Donbass, there are people who support Russia and they can move there, since the Russian Federation is now distributing illegal Russian passports.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a corresponding statement in an interview with Western media, commenting on one of the polls, according to which, the majority of residents of the occupied part of Donbas supposedly want to live in Russia.

The head of the Ukrainian state emphasized that in the occupied territories of the east of the country, there are those who support Ukraine, as well as a group of citizens whom he referred to as “confused residents”.

“For the confused inhabitants of the territories of Donbass now occupied, we should fight, and pro-Russian-minded people can move to Russia. Russia is now distributing illegal Russian passports. Everyone has the right to choose where they want to live,” Zelensky said.

According to the head of state, talking about Russian citizenship on the territory of Ukraine and calling it their country is “wrong and unfair.”

QHA media reported, that the President of Ukraine also told Western reporters that the Minsk Agreements first provide for the holding of elections in the ORDLO, and then the transfer of control over the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donbass to Kyiv.

That said, Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his disagreement with how this issue was resolved in Minsk, saying that “the position of the Ukrainians is first the border, then the elections.”

(c) QHA


  • Sounds fair to me, but they shouldn’t have any choice in the matter. Anyone with a Muscovy passport gets booted out of the country, no questions asked.

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  • Leader of the so-called “DNR” Denis Pushilin has proposed amending the “constitution” of the quasi-state to deprive the Ukrainian language of the status of “state”. This is reported by separatist media.

    Pushilin wants to determine the status of the Russian language as the only “state” in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast.

    The leader of the “republic” conditioned his initiatives “by the need for an intensive integration process” of the “DNR” with the Russian Federation”.

    According to the proposals of Pushilin, “Ukrainian, like the languages of other peoples of the region, will be taught taking into account wishes of the parents and possibilities of the educational organization”.

    In his opinion, such actions of the occupation authorities “do not violate the rights of the citizens”, in particular, to use the Ukrainian language “as a language of private communication”.

    Let us recall that Russian and Ukrainian were “state” languages in the occupied territory up to now.

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  • The inhabitants of the occupied part of Donbass want to stay where they’re at. They are hoping that one day they will be back under Ukrainian control and regain their freedom. Going to the mafia state might mean remaining there forever. Not a good thought for any sane person.

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  • Denis Pushilin has proposed amending the “constitution” of the quasi-state to deprive the Ukrainian language of the status of “state”.

    BS. Putin ordered his puppet to deprive this terrorist run part of Ukraine, the status of Ukrainian as “state” language. Soon will be laws to imprison Ukrainians in Donbas speaking Ukrainian.

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