Criminal Liability For Disinformation Could Be Introduced For Journalists

Criminal liability for disinformation could be introduced for journalists until Ukraine regains control of its non-government-controlled territories if the relevant draft law is adopted.

Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports Volodymyr Borodianskyi announced this to reporters, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“A war is being waged against Ukraine today. Criminal liability will apply to all the rules relating to misinformation only until we return Ukraine to its 2014 borders,” he said.

According to Borodianskyi, only 8% of Ukrainians are capable of distinguishing truthful information from false information.

“There is disinformation that poses a threat to national security. In a country that is at war, it is a proportionate liability,” he said.

The minister described disinformation as actions directed against Ukraine’s national interests during the period of military aggression.

According to him, the draft law will contain provisions on indexation of the mass media in terms of reliability because the state is interested in the number of mass media with a high reliability index.

Borodianskyi also announced that the next public debate of the draft law is scheduled for December 16.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, Borodianskyi intends to initiate introduction of criminal liability for the manipulation of information.

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