Ukrainian mentioned in investigation about Russian involvement in referendum in Catalonia, – media

Investigators do not rule out that there are ties between the leaders of the Catalan separatists and Russian spies

The Spanish court investigation on the intervention of Russian special services in the attempt to declare independence of Catalonia concerns the activities of a citizen of Ukraine and a citizen of Russia who were arrested last year on October 4 in the province of Girona.
  This is reported by El Mundo.

The men were detained while driving on the AP-7 highway in the direction of France on a Mercedes registered in Belarus. Representatives of the Civil Guard during the inspection of the car found the Russian M-75 grenade, which “was in perfect condition.”

The national court links both detainees with a senior Russian military intelligence officer Denis Sergeyev, who is also under investigation.

Bellingcat investigators found that Sergeev visited Barcelona at least twice under the name of Sergey Fedotov, once – three days before the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.  

“Fedotov” is considered an employee of the elite military unit 29155, which Western intelligence agencies have repeatedly accused of destabilization in Europe.

This group of Russian military intelligence launched a computer attack on the eve of the referendum, according to the publication. Investigators suspect that its members had links with Russian hackers who helped keep sites active on the day of the referendum, which Madrid considers illegal.

Various sources of the publication say that although the investigation in the National Court began four months ago, now it is trying to find out the real extent of the activities of Russian spies and their degree of penetration into the processes surrounding Catalan independence. Investigators work with several hypotheses and do not exclude that there are links between the leaders of the Catalan separatists and Russian spies.

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  • This citizen of Ukraine, stopped being a Ukrainian as soon as he started working for Russian “intelligence.” 112 just can’t help themselves, the slightest link with Ukraine that puts them in a negative light, 112 are there in a flash. I notice they don’t mention where this Ukrainian came from. I’m guessing if he came from the govt. side of the country, 112 would have it plastered everywhere.

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