Site News: November 2019 update

Stats, charts and graphs, revenue, geography, authors, visitors, tags, referrers and the BEST article so far. These are the topics for this month’s site update.

As you all know, the main purpose of this site is to continue the mission of the first Ukraine Today to bring the world information and news about Ukraine in English. Six years ago when the Revolution of Dignity started (the Maidan), there was a lot of news about Ukraine but most of the English language news was coming from the Kremlin. We are fighting against that and thanks to the good work of everyone here we are spreading the correct news about Ukraine across the globe.

Stats, charts and graphs:

For those of you that post articles, thank you, and please keep up the fantastic work. Below you can see the results of your labor of love for wonderful Ukraine. These are our all-time stats from our first four months.

1,600-plus posts over only 4 months is more than 400 articles per month! That is a lot of work from our Authors that resulted in 33,000 views. That is 33,000 views by our first 5,000 visitors.

As you can see, the total words posted is more than 616,000 with 7,600 comments! So, not only are we spreading accurate and trusted news about Ukraine but we are a forum for people to speak their minds. This is a powerful asset and tool for aiding the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Another interesting aspect of is the geographical reach of our mission. Below you can see the world and who is reading our articles.

Below, you can see some of the numbers behind this world map.

Top 9 countries reading

Authors, stats and competition:

The numbers from the first four months are a Who’s Who behind the great work being done here. These are the patriotic people behind the success of all three versions of Ukraine Today.

We have Sir Foccusser leading by a wide margin in viewership because he digs in and finds the most interesting and informative news for the world.

Then we have Mr. Veth who is an amazing patriot for Ukraine despite his multiple personality disorder 😉

Next is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He simply goes by “Mike” but if his name accurately defined his personality it would be many words in length.

Next is yours truly and then Sir Scradge who we miss very much here at and hope he will rejoin us soon and help us continue our mission. A special thank you to all our wonderful Authors and if anyone wants to post articles here to help Ukraine, please ask Foccusser, Mike or myself and we will make it happen.

Views and Visitors:

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without our viewers and we hope they find everything they want to here on Below you can see the graph of our weekly visitors. We have averaged about 400 visitors every week since the beginning of September.

Weekly visitors of

Next, you can see the fruits of our labor by seeing the weekly views on your website.

Weekly views on

Tags, categories and Referrers:

As a tool to help spread the news of Ukraine in English, the tags and categories help categorize the articles for distribution. You can see in the chart below that many articles are being posted with no category. This means the WordPress search engine may miss them in distribution.

This also shows that the Russia topic dominates this website along with articles about Ukraine. While Ukraine is being illegally occupied by a fascist force that refuses to mind it’s own business, news about this evil will be and should be at the top. Nice work everyone!


This subject is important for the distribution of our work. Certainly there are people that know this subject better than I, but I think this chart will show where we are excelling and where we need improvement. Please feel free to offer ideas.


Though this is not a priority for our mission it would be nice if this project was self-supporting. Below you can see the chart showing our monthly revenue. November was a record for us! 😉

Best Article to Date:

In our first four months of production, there is one article that had 115 views and has set the bar for all of us. This article was posted by Sir Foccusser and grabbed attention across the globe. I’m sure you all remember this one…

Ukrainian berkut officer responsible for beatings and killings in the Maidan, continues his evil work in Moscow.

Congratulations to Foccusser! I will periodically update everyone to see if it is possible to beat this article but this gives all our Authors an idea of what people are looking for.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you to all the people that visit, post and get informed here at This is a labor of love for a country that needs the world to see Ukraine for who she is, not for who the Kremlin wants her to be seen. Unfortunately, Maidan continues and Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and independence continues too. Until the Moskali realize that their paranoia and fascism is hurting their own country, we will be here reminding them to go home and leave us alone! Slava Ukraini~~!!

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  1. Great post! Thanx 4 da flattery! 😂
    BTW, i would like to sincerely apologize to sir Scradje concerning my IRA comments. I was offensive and inaccurate in my comparison. Even big guys are wrong sometimes! 😑
    I saw we have no fans in Venezuela, Mongolia and Iran… i think they blocked our site…

  2. Great article and very informative too!
    I’m very glad that we’re making an impact and I’m particularly glad and proud of foccusser, Mike, RedSquareMaidan and our multiple Veths. 😉 and everyone else who supports this site and Ukraine! Thank you all!
    BTW, where is scradge? Why has clown and gmbat not followed us here? Does anyone know?

  3. Looking good my friends, although I rarely get time to post anything on here, also by the time anything reaches the UK focusser has picked up on it.
    I don’t like to comment on things I feel unqualified to and so cannot contribute sometimes.

    I do however try to attract new readers who I know are interested or sympathetic to our cause.

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