Putin: Russia won’t disappoint during Euro 2020 matches

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will do everything possible to be the best host for the matches of the European football championship, which will be held in St. Petersburg in 2020, reports TASS.

“We will do everything not to let you, the fans, and the players down,” said Putin to the President of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Aleksander Čeferin.

Putin noted that this year, the championship will celebrate its 60th anniversary. According to him, this has “significant importance” for Russia, as the Soviet Union won the first tournament.

St. Petersburg has become one of the 12 European cities where the matches of the European soccer championship will be held next year. The Russian city will host three group stage matches and a quarter-final. In mid-October, Čeferin invited Putin to the opening ceremony of Euro 2020.

In early May, the Russian President signed a law that allows entering Russia with just a passport without visas. The fan passport system will become operational two weeks before the first match of Euro 2020 and will stop on the day of the last game.

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  • It’s amazing how these drug cheats, breakers of all rules internationally, keep getting international sporting events. Anyone would think EUFA and FIFA are corrupt.

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    • Not disappoint? Then he has a lot of work to do including:
      Stop shooting stray dogs
      Offer visitors a menu at restaurants
      Stop beating visitors
      Stop kidnapping visitors
      Stop calling visitors, nazis
      Stop giving brown water to visitors
      Install toilets
      Stop planting evidence on visitors
      Stop occupying neighbor’s lands
      Buy airplanes that can fly
      Build roads that don’t have trees in them
      Stop calling colored players, monkeys
      Keep Moskali away from sporting events
      Stop doping the Russian team

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  • UEFA would be well advised not to accept the bribes offered to attend St Peckersberg.

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