Half a million Russians resettled to Crimea

Half a million Russian citizens have been resettled to Russia-occupied Crimea, but Russia is deliberately understating these statistics, Deputy Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Tamila Tasheva has said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

“According to estimates of human rights organizations, there are about 500,000 people who came to the peninsula from Russia. This is a huge percentage of the total population of Crimea. Russia is talking about smaller figures. They show about 280,000 people,” Tasheva said.

According to her, Russia is understating the numbers of citizens being displaced to Crimea because it understands that under international law, the deliberate movement of the population for the purpose of changing the ethnic composition of a territory is a crime.

She noted that 25,000 Crimean Tatars had left Crimea since the occupation of the peninsula.

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  • No surprise to anyone. The Stalinist Moskali also did it before and after WWII. Ditto the Donbas. Ditto Georgia. Ditto Transnistria. This is what evil fascist regimes do. For anyone to pretend otherwise or try to justify the numbers are simply ignorant, blind or had their pockets stuffed full of rubles. This is the reason the occupiers will not let any NGO’s in nor the UN or OSCE. Thus…nobody to count, interview or record violations.
    Maybe I should change my name to CrimeaMaidan….

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  • англійський масон

    When Crimea again becomes free, it will happen, they will be deported as illegal immigrants and have to leave their toilets behind.

    Deport them without notice so that they can’t destroy anything before they go.

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  • And, I’m quite certain that crime, drunks, druggies, pollution, and toxic contamination of air, land and sea have also increased as a direct consequence.

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