Russia plans to create groups of combat robots by 2025

The Russian Armed Forces may receive groups of multifunctional combat robots by 2025, reports RIA Novosti, citing a source in the defense industry. Each group will be controlled by only one operator.

The Russian Scientific and Technology Association, Android Technology, created an experimental platform named “Marker” for controlling five unmanned machines, capable of solving various combat tasks, simultaneously. The Marker platform was presented in October 2019 at the Magnitogorsk test range for robotic systems.

The interlocutor of the RIA Novosti said that currently unmanned units consist of five robotic platforms. Each of them “allows performing a lot of tasks”.

“It’s not like before when there was only one unmanned machine, and five people had to watch after it, and follow it. But, on the contrary, now it will be a group of five robots, and only one operator who refuels them, turns them on, and they become fully operational,” said the source, as quoted by the news agency.

In January this year, it became known that the Russian Armed Forces received the first batch of Uran-9 combat multifunctional robotic systems. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that they were tested in combat conditions in Syria.

The General Director of Kalashnikov Concern, Vladimir Dmitriev, said that the shortcomings were identified during the tests. In particular, the issues of control, reduced mobility, and unsatisfactory military intelligence and surveillance functions had been considered by engineers and were rectified.

Autonomous Uran-9 combat robot was equipped with Attaka anti-tank guided missile, 2A72 30mm automatic cannon, and 7.62mm PKT machine gun.

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