“Humanitarian Aid” Delivered to Russian Embassy

On the anniversary of the Kerch Strait incident activists “add” to what Russia stripped from navy vessels returned to Ukraine.

Politics and Humor – In Kyiv, Ukrainian activists collected what they called “humanitarian aid to Russia”. They brought toilets and toilet paper to the Russian Embassy — on the anniversary of the Kerch Strait incident.

“We were really impressed, maybe amazed, by behavior of our Russian neighbors, of their barbarian behavior. Because almost everything in our ships was stolen. And we thought that maybe the reason why they did it was because they need help. So we discussed maybe two days ago ‘hey, let’s go and help them,’” rally organizer, Anatoliy Didyk, said.

One poster parodied a 2014 Russian medal which was awarded to those involved in occupying Crimea. The poster depicted an award “For Seizing the Toilet!!”

Photo UATV

Exactly a year ago Russia seized 3 Ukrainian Navy vessels with 24 sailors and a dog on board. The sailors were released as part of a larger prisoner exchange in September this year.

The vessels were finally returned to Ukraine last week. But before doing so, Russia stripped them of all valuable equipment — from weapons and electronics, to light bulbs and even toilets. This prompted today’s unusual protest.

Another protester said, “We came here to show the thieves from Russian Federation that if they don’t have any kinds of items of hygiene like the toilet paper, tiolet seats and even the toilets, then we can help them. So even for those who we consider our enemies — we should help, and it’s like that.”

Photo UATV
Photo UATV

(c) UA TV


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