State Duma prohibits sales of new devices without pre-installed Russian-made apps

Russia’s State Duma has cast a final round of voting in favor of a new law that prohibits the sale of personal devices unless those devices have Russian-made software pre-installed.

The Russian executive branch will determine the exact list of products that will be subject to the new law. The bill’s sponsors have previously said it is intended to cover smartphones, computers, and smart TV systems.

The legislators also said the new measure is intended to defend the interests of Russian web companies and to limit the potential for abuses of power on the part of foreign tech companies.

The law will take effect on July 1, 2020.

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  1. The FSB-app, The KGB-app, The Preatorian Garde-app, The DUMA-app, The Putin-app, The Putin screen-app, if you look less than 1 hour per day on the screen with Putin, half naked on a horse … get arrested!

  2. Russian smartphones dont exist…………… difficult……………… make………..for Russkies.

  3. “State Duma prohibits sales of new devices without pre-installed Ruskie-made SPY apps”
    There. fixed it.

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