Workers in Donbas are getting paid……………………..

Employees of the Snezhnianskkhimmash enterprise seized by the “DNR” militants were given “moneyed assistance” in the form of food packages. The Donetsk Republic party, ruling in the occupied territory, reported this as an act of grace. It was noted that the “activists of the social movement” delivered 111 food packages to employees of the “state enterprise”. Against the background of chronic wage arrears in the “republic”, Snezhnianskkhimmash workers were given groats, pasta, canned goods, sunflower oil, flour and sugar as assistance. “The assistance provided is extremely important for people who, despite the difficulties, remained loyal to the enterprise and did not leave their jobs”, – the factory director Grigoriy Gorlatov thanked the “benefactors”.

(C)OSTROV 2019

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