Putin: United States is a great country

During a “Russia Calling!” Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on Russian-American relations, said that the USA is a great country, and Russia has always treated it with respect, reports Interfax news agency.

Putin also mentioned that in the two years of Donald Trump’s presidency, the trade volume between the United States and Russia increased to $25 billion. “Is it a lot or a little? Our trade with Turkey amounts to $25 billion,” said Putin, adding that for an economy like the United States, $25 billion is “certainly not enough.” During Barack Obama’s presidency, the trade volume was only $20 billion.

Putin stressed that Russia and the United States have many common interests, and by introducing anti-Russian sanctions, Washington has “shot itself in the foot.” He also recalled the cooperation between the two countries during the two World Wars and added that Russia has a request for collaboration with the United States in various fields.

Putin also noted that internal political battle in the United States negatively affects the relations between the two countries. But Moscow still hopes that it will “end one day.” “Thank God, no one accuses us that we interfere in the elections in the United States, but now they accuse Ukraine. We don’t want to be involved in their discussions on that,” said Putin.

(C)UAWIRE 2019


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