Russian company wants to sell Putin’s canned farts

A Russian company from St. Petersburg wants to sell Vladimir Putin’s canned farts. Planned is to sell up to 500.000 cans per year, confirms FARTOV’s manager Igor Proliv during an interview at the company’s headquarters at 55 Savushkina Street in St. Petersburg.

Putin became famous when he ordered the invasion of Ukraine to protect the Russian speaking population.

Putin also returned the Crimea to Russian control. Crimea today is a prosperous economy with a high standard of living.

In particular Crimea’s environment did benefit from the Russian annexation. Tourism in the Crimea is booming.

Putin is also the man who returned Russia’s military to its old strength. The Russian Navy is now the technologically most advanced in the world.

But Putin’s biggest achievement is that he turned Soviet Russia into a modern open democracy. Freedom of speech and pluralism have found a new home in the Russian Federation.

Putin also shows that he is not afraid of political opponents and willing to face them during free and fair elections.

Finally Russia has also helped to spread democracy and prosperity to many other countries, in particular North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Syria and Congo.

It is therefore no surprise that the demand for fan articles is growing, since Putin is the greatest leader of our century.

Article by Mike Hilbert

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  1. This could be the answer to the balance of payments deficit the vatnikistan doesn’t have, it will surely clear all the foreign debt they don’t have.

    Fart fans and collectors of Farts old, new, used and unused will be beating a path to St. Pete’s to snap up these cans.

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