Pillows vs $ 400 million: White House jokes at Obama because of his aid to Ukraine

21:03, 16 November 2019

White House posted a comparative photo of military assistance from former US President Barack Obama and incumbent President Donald Trump.

White House published a photo, on which it compared military assistance to Ukraine from former US President Barack Obama and incumbent President Donald Trump. The photo was posted on the White House Facebook page.

“Obama gave Ukraine pillows and blankets. Trump gave $ 400 million in military aid,” the message reads.

Earlier it was reported that the US Department of State has unblocked the allocation of $ 141 million of military assistance to Ukraine even before President Donald Trump announced on September 11 that the moratorium on such assistance was lifted.

Congress allocated $ 250 million to the Ministry of Defense for an initiative to support Ukraine’s security. But according to reports, President Trump asked Mick Mulvaney, the current acting chief of staff of the White House, to suspend assistance to Ukraine in July 2019.

Note, after the meeting between Trump and Zelensky, the US president recall that ex-President Barack Obama sent Ukraine blankets and pillows, while he gives anti-tank systems.

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  1. Both Presidents could have done a hell of a lot more to help Ukraine in their fight against Russia. Was reading an article yesterday that Congress has appropriated $1.4 billion in total bilateral assistance for Egypt, in 2019, the same amount as 2018.

  2. True; Trumpet’s lackluster and shabby support for Ukraine is far overshadowed by Obumer’s downright and pathetic cowardice. It is mainly Congress’s credit that the country received an appreciable amount of aid from the US. It could be significantly more if the Trumpet weren’t stuck so deeply in Poopin’s rear end.

  3. In the interest of giving the proper credit Obama did give Ukraine massive amounts of helmets and body armor, counter battery radars and encrypted radios and field hospitals. and lets not forget billions in loans
    It was carefully not the ATGMs they needed but it did help fill glaring gaps in Ukraine’s army equipment.
    Although I have lost all respect for Trump I always try to give credit where is is deserved. Trump up until his black harted blackmail attempt has aided Ukraine exponentially more then Obama.
    However he could have given Ukraine an aircraft carrier and it still will not undo the damage his amateurish stunt has caused both countries.

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