Brian Whitmore: Can you hear me now?

Pretty soon, smartphone manufacturers will have a choice to make. Do they want to become part of Vladimir Putin’s surveillance state? Because that may be the price of remaining in the Russian market.

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  1. What a choice. Will greedy global phone manufacturers do the moral thing, and remove themselves from the Russian market, or fuck morals, money is more important? I know what I think they will do, and it won’t be the moral option. Plus the Chinks make a lot of smartphones now, and they won’t have a problem letting Muscovy install spyware into their phone. Might cause a conflict with the Chinese spyware already installed though.

  2. This would be a good point in time for another nation besides Chinkland to manufacture phones. I think the people of the world would rather pay a bit more for something that won’t spy on them at every turn. At least, most people would …

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